Welcome to SAA

SAA, Sex Addicts Anonymous®, is a fellowship of men and women, who share their experience, strength and hope with each other to overcome their sexual addiction, and to help others to recover from their sexual addiction.

·         The only requirement for becoming a member of the SAA, is a desire to stop sexual addiction.

·         Our common main objective is to become sexually healthy and help other sex addicts to achieve freedom from compulsive sexual behavior.

·         SAA is self-sufficient and survive solely by voluntary contributions from members, and there are no dues.

·         SAA is not a place to meet sexual partners. We strive for sexual sobriety, but we emphasize that the goal is not a condition to join and participate in the meeting, the desire for sexual sobriety is enough.

·         Anonymity is a cornerstone in our fellowship. It is a common concern and a prerequisite for SAA to be a safe place for us all. So what we hear and who we see in a meeting stays there when we go from it.

SAA and SAA's program for recovery is based on Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Although we are not affiliated with AA, we are grateful to be allowed to adapt and use their steps and traditions, so they match sexual addiction. That is what makes our recovery possible.

SAA is not affiliated with other 12-steps fellowships, any religions, creed or dogma, organization or any kind of politics, and we take no position on contentious issues and neither endorses nor opposes any case.


The meeting language is Danish, however non-Danish speaking SAA members are welcome to participate and share in their own language.


Part of the above is from the official ISO of SAA, Inc., www.saa-recovery.org.